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But somewhere, a teacher taught that baseball player how to play.

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Ideas like dreams are free. You cannot control them, you can simply control the flow of ideas somewhat 4. Anything synced to a local device cannot be controlled effectively. It is a conundrum. If we nurture and develop the greatest resources of the world, our children, in effect the world will become a better place. According to Robert Fulghum we all learn to share in Kindergarten but we over time forget that skill.

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What if there is a solution in the world that allows us to share ideas, concepts and improve the lot of children throughout the world. Equality comes from children and grows to adults. So with this book there is no need to bar the doors and lock away your valuables. The revolution is not a revolution.

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We are simply looking at the technology capacity we have in the world today, that is ubiquitous. There is no place on the world we cannot reach and a few places off world like the international space station or ISS. The Ramification of change and the little creek by my back door Years ago I was a poet. And it is really helpful to me because we used the best system. I really like your post. IoT devices have been around for more thhan 30 years. We just stuck a new name on them! There are already legal precedents that you have no expectation of privacy in public, so the amount of cameras and scanners in public places are only going to increase….

That is a sad statement, correct but sad. In part, in the modern world that has to happen to provide security, But it is sad. To a degree, I suspect that is true. I do know there is, however, a large group of government professionals who truly do want to protect people. That I cannot agree with. The problem with security, in particular, physical security, is the reality of those who are trying to take that from you.

It is really important that overall each of us feels safe. The balancing act for that is really hard to do.

The rights of one person, 20 people and so on, sometimes may interfere with the application of security overall for people. Trusting big brother for security is trading one type of danger for another, remember what Franklin said about liberty vs security. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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    Did you know a traffic camera was also a sensor motion, and then speed? What do you think? Log in to Reply. It was an eye opening experience. But I do remember him swiping the side of a parked car in his first international wrong side of the road driving experience.

    The Simple Architecture Movement

    Phoebe and me in front of the house on Dunstan Drive. This would probably be circa after we had gotten back from Bangkok. We moved into this house in We had lived at that point in Bloomington for two or three years. Our first residence was Hoosier Courts.

    The second place we lived was an apartment in Tulip Tree. Off to the right of this picture was the neighborhood park. It was probably 5 acres in size. We had basketball and tennis courts at one end of the park. The other end was an open field and at the edges of that field there was a creek that ran alongside the park. That was the territory we played in all those years ago. It was huge expanse of area and we ran freely through all of it. Inside our blue Mercury station wagon. This was the family do everything car for many years. The third seat folded down so you could use it for stowage.

    Dad had them install seatbelts in the 3rd seat. Even in when he got the car dad was a seatbelt believer. He in the long run was right about that. I guess in the end dad was right about a lot of things. The station wagon was the scene of some of Lynne, Barb and I most epic battles. They tried everything over the years.

    But nothing stopped us from arguing, fighting and in the end being an all around trio of annoying car riders. The amazing picture of my little sister courtesy of Dr. Hans O. He had an amazing eye for photos. I think to a degree that the reality of digital cameras takes away some of the artistry for some of us.

    I can take pictures where dad could only take 1 or 2. It makes for more pictures of an event but in the end less quality. Pictures like this one pack memories into such a small space. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Some are in fact worth more. Some of priceless captures of moments that in the end will never be seen again except on the digital or printed paper. As I have said for the past few days it has been an amazing experience so far. Mom and my sisters in the pool that was in our apartment complex in Bangkok. We lived at the end of Soi 12 on the 4th floor. The image is reversed.

    We loved that pool. There were days it was so hot I would come home from school and just walk right into the pool not even changing into a swim suit, just in my school clothes. I suspect we spent a long time in that pool. There are both my sisters in the pool together. I think Barb learned to swim and walk at virtually the same time.

    That is a picture of Phoebe Kuma our Newfoundland. She was without a doubt the best dog of my childhood.