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These essays reveal the fundamental religious, philosophical, and scientific aspects to the most mundane and refined realities of our common, everyday world. Both the serious reflection upon and casual reading of these essays is a joyous expedition through the all-too-common truncated perceptions we have of our world to a higher level of awareness of the myriad ways in which the life of the universal Spirit is made manifest. Read more Read less. Amazon International Store International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

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The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians: Part II. The Eternal Parent

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Now we are taught that all these earliest forms of organic life also appear in septenary groups of numbers. It is, however, a matter of school and choice. This, of course, takes place only in the first beginning of life.

Virgil, versed as every ancient poet was, more or less, in esoteric philosophy, sang evolution in the following strains: —. Salt in solution proves it. For when its molecules, clustering together, begin to deposit themselves as a solid, the first shape they assume is that of triangles, of small pyramids and cones. The pyramidal shape is that assumed by the pines — the most primitive tree after the fern period. Thus the two opposites in cosmic nature — fire and water, heat and cold — begin their metrographical manifestations, one by a trimetric, the other by a hexagonal system.

For the stellate crystals of snow, viewed under a microscope, are all and each of them a double or a treble six-pointed star, with a central nucleus, like a miniature star within the larger one. Says Mr. Crustacea, fishes, and reptiles are contemporary with, and most have preceded physical man in this Round. All were bi-sexual, however, before the age of mammalia in the closing portion of the secondary or Mesozoic ages, yet nearer to the Palaeozoic than the Caenozoic ages.

Smaller marsupial mammalia are contemporary with the huge reptilian monsters of the Secondary. Thence proceed the race of men and beasts , the vital principles of the flying kind and the monsters which the Ocean breeds under its smooth crystal plane. Science knows these only in their superficial effects.

Eternal Torment is a Doctrine of Demons

This number is closely connected with the moon, whose occult influence is ever manifesting itself in septenary periods. It is the moon which is the guide of the occult side of terrestrial nature, while the Sun is the regulator and factor of manifested life; See also Vol. Jacob Boehme, by insisting on the fundamental doctrine of the seven properties of everlasting mother Nature, proved himself thereby a great Occultist.

But to return to the consideration of the septenary in ancient religious symbolism. To the metrological key to the symbolism of the Hebrews, which reveals numerically the geometrical relations of the Circle All-Deity to the Square, Cube, Triangle, and all the integral emanations of the divine area, may be added the theogonic Key. This Key explains that Noah, the deluge-Patriarch, is in one aspect the permutation of the Deity the Universal Creative Law , for the purpose of the formation of our Earth, its population, and the propagation of life on it, in general.

Now bearing in mind the Septenary division in divine Hierarchies, as in Cosmic and human constitutions, the student will readily understand that Jah-Noah is at the head of, and is the synthesis of the lower Cosmic Quaternary. The upper Sephirothal, , triad — of which Jehovah-Binah Intelligence is the left, female, angle — emanates the Quaternary. Apart from the higher Triad, the lower creative Sephiroth are seven.

Symbols of the Eternal Doctrine

The question at issue is to show that Jah-Noah, or the Jehovah of the Hebrew Bible, the alleged Creator of our Earth, of man and all upon it, is: —. For the latter, the old familiar classification is made use of. Thus: —. As an additional demonstration of the statement, let the reader turn to scientific works.

Esoteric Symbolism

Noah thus symbolizing both the Root -Manu and the Seed -Manu, or the Power which developed the planetary chain, and our earth, and the Seed Race the Fifth which was saved while the last sub-races of the Fourth perished — Vaivasvata Manu — the number Seven will be seen to recur at every step.

Hence verses 2 and 3 of. Jared , in Hebrew, is. The root derivations are the same with those of Ararat , of acre , of earth. It is noteworthy that the son of Jared , viz.

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This, however, by the astronomical and numerical Kabalistic methods. Esoterically, Jared is the Third race and Enoch the Fourth — but as he is taken away alive he symbolizes also the Elect saved in the Fourth, while Noah is the Fifth from the beginning — the family saved from the waters, eternally and physically.

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Thus Number Seven, as a compound of 3 and 4, is the factor element in every ancient religion, because it is the factor element in nature. And here let the student be told at once, that in all such numerical divisions the One universal Principle, — although referred to as the one, because the Only One — never enters into the calculations. Brahman is all and in all. There is nothing but Brahman. It is therefore only right that the OM symbol should be placed right at the very top of the logo of the Theosophical Movement.

The Divine OM is all there is. Everything comes forth from That, exists in That, and is reabsorbed into That at the end of the universal life cycle. Thank you for the information starting on a journey of enlightenment and learning self and the truth.

There are six distinct aspects to this logo or seal. They are: 1.

The serpent formed into a circle and swallowing its own tail, also known as the Ouroboros. The swastika. The ancient Egyptian cross, known as the Ankh or crux ansata ansated cross. The OM symbol.

This symbolises and represents: 1 Eternity, such as in Hinduism where the great serpent Ananta-Shesha, who some portray as having seven heads and others as being thousand-headed, represents Eternity and Infinity itself. It symbolises and represents: 1 The sevenfold constitution of man and all things, i. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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