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John of Brienne, Templar “King of Jerusalem” and the Talpiot “Jesus” Tomb – TaborBlog

Many of these castles still stand today, and in some cases, remain in use. Krak des Chevaliers, perhaps the most iconic crusader castle, was even occupied and used as a military base in the recent Syrian conflict.

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Templars Tunnel. However, many of these impressive structures have yet to give up all of their secrets. These discoveries continue to shed light on this fascinating period of Middle Eastern history. Remains of the Crusader-period Pisan Harbour.

A Secret Knights Templar Tunnel that Remained Hidden for 700 Years

The Templars were a military religious order, originally founded to ensure the safety of the regular stream of pilgrims that made the arduous and dangerous journey from Western Europe to the Holy Land. According to historian Dan Jones, they were so named because their original headquarters stood next to the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem, and in the 12th and 13th century they played an important role in defining the political and military successes and failures of the crusader states in the Levant.

Pictures depicting the Knights Templar brother-servant, a brother-brother Knight and priest. In , however, the city of Jerusalem was lost after a decisive victory by the Ayyubid leader Salah ad-Din otherwise known as Saladin at Hattin. The crusader states had lost their capital, and their shock defeat at the hands of a powerful Muslim army launched what would later be known as the Third Crusade.


According to Jones, several large armies set out from England and France to provide aid to the beleaguered crusader kingdoms, with the goal of reconquering Jerusalem. This was a vain hope, and the armies of the Third Crusade, led amongst others by Richard the Lionheart, would eventually leave without reclaiming Jerusalem. However, they did manage to recover the important port city of Acre.

Following a long siege led by the king of Jerusalem, Guy de Lusignan, the Muslim inhabitants of the city surrendered, and Acre became the new capital of the crusader states.

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Ever fearful of a renewed attack by Saladin and his successors, the Templars set about constructing an impressive fortress at Acre. The entire book is a well written adventure story relating to the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery. The author describes his journey from first learning about the mystery, to his attempts to uncover the secrets and find the treasure.

Although the author began the adventure alone, as the story continues, other people join with the author during his visits to the Rennes-le-Chateau region and his attempts to decipher clues and find buried treasure.

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At the beginning, the author alone finds an underground tomb, which was videoed thru a snake like camera lowered into a tiny shaft. This video causes other people to join the quest, including a movie film team. The author and his team members search for and eventually find buried artifacts which themselves include parchments hidden in glass bottles containing clues to finding further buried items. This process took years to complete. As the story turns out, apparently the priest Berenger Sauniere had buried the clues, which also included the original parchment that Berenger had previously discovered in his church that led to his original discovery of a treasure.

Almost all the discoveries of buried clues were witnessed by one or more other people, sometimes including the movie film makers who filmed the discoveries. Artifacts were judged authentic by experts, parchments were examined by experts, signatures of Sauniere on the parchments were compared with previously known examples, and one parchment was carbon dated. All the evidence in the book suggests that the discoveries were NOT a hoax, but instead genuine. However, the tomb discovery and video of the inside and the conclusions derived from the discovered parchments, was very controversial for religious reasons contrary to Christianity.

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The alleged Priory of Sion was involved in the process, and they implied that it was too soon for the truth of the discoveries to be known, and that revealing the truth was dangerous. This suggests that the author was forced to falsely confess to a hoax. As of , other than the tiny shaft for the video camera, the tomb had not been opened and excavated, but instead blocked by the French Government.

September 27, - Published on Amazon.

Enjoyed suspense to that point. If statement is a ruse then let the game begin. August 9, - Published on Amazon. I had a hard time with this book, to me it seemed that it was mostly travel log of England and France and all the problems the author had. To be honest I gave up on it after his trailer bit the dust.

John of Brienne, Templar “King of Jerusalem” and the Talpiot “Jesus” Tomb

May 19, - Published on Amazon. There was an opportunity to by the book there but there was also a rather non-emphasized link entitled "Read This First", I did and discovered that the author of the book was admitting it was all a giant HOAX.

The link is: [ I guess it says a lot about my gullability that I was seeking to purchase the book after viewing the movie. The scenes at the "tomb" were very suspicious to me. I've read a ton of material about the whole Bloodline, Templars, Freemason, Hiram Abif, estoteric agenda, etc. There's something about the Cathars, the Templars, and secret history of the West inc.