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Mike and Jeff, I sincerely thank you for doing this! Im a middle schooler who is doing an interview as George Washington and you have helped to know what to do.

Mike, I wanted to take a minute to thank you very much. You are a awesome teacher and advisor. I was able to learn a great deal from your article. If nobody has told you lately you are appreciated. Sincerely Grateful, Dawn.

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Thanks a lot for all this value information!! Hello, I just wanted to thank you a ton. Thanks again Mike! Your blog literally is a killer! I thought I was already doing good and all but this really pointed out specific details for my resume improvement. Emmanuel Posesano. Now I made a killer objectives and being hopeful to get my dream job overseas. Thank you so much for pointing out the details and the correct procedure on making perfect resumes. You sir are the real MVP. Really good read. Thank you!!!! I now completely understand how to present my resume professionally!

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Fabulous article!!! I feel one step closer to the job I am targeting. Wow thank you so much Dominic! Good luck on your job search. I like that you are targeting a specific job you have in mind. Tailoring your entire approach to that job makes you a hundred times more likely to be successful.

This has helped me so much. I definitely plan to use the information provided. Great thanks! I had to google this since im changing career, from the developing in games to actually work in my passion than always have been the artistic part. Now my resume looks better, with experience and out of college. I was wondering why I was getting looked over and now I know and corrected it. Great work. I am assisting my wife in updating her cv as she is applying for a job post a small break.

Good information, straight to the point. This article has cleared many a doubts about an important part. Thank you very much for the suggestions. I have had over rejections, not kidding due to not having an objective.

Long story short, I moved to Bend, Oregon where a lot of other transplants move and as a result there is very strict competition. This is my first time reading your blog, and I am so glad I did. It helped me a lot. Thank you so much guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this so well done and helpful article, it really helped me a lot. It could not be better!

I have to redo my resume because my computer crashed and everything was deleted. My resume being one of the things deleted. Thanks for the ideas.

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Oh no! Well at least the computer crash gives you a reason to sharpen up your resume! Good luck on your job search! I would like to thank you much for such a wonderful article. Its very useful and practical.

Too wacky? Seeking to bring excellent critical thinking skills, a collaborative energy, and a deeply caring attitude to the cause of environmental activism. I like your approach. Within reason ;-. Nice work! You made me an instructor with the resume objective informations.. Thanks so so so so so much.. More blessings. First, thank you! I was so surprised to find a site that actually did what it said it would do.

I can say I now have a clear understanding of what a good objective is. Honestly, you guys are wonderfully made. Thanks a lot, for mapping out time to explain all this for me; and to all my friends out there. Thanks so much.

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Thank you so much for this information. It was very thorough with examples for multiple situations, and an easy read. I have filled out plenty of resumes for my past employers, but never had to give it much thought. Again, thank you so much and I look forward to clicking on your other helpful links! Thanks Mike, A refreshing article that actually boosted my confidence. Very well written, short and to the point, yet detailed to give all the needed info.

Thank you for this article! I recently graduated with a degree in Social Work, and I am quickly becoming frustrated looking for a job in an overly saturated market. My thought is to revise my approach and hopefully, my results will improve. I appreciate your explanation on the objective statement, as no one from my University has suggested to include this statement. What I am after reading your piece: Still the same clueless slacker with no skills, yada, yada, yada, but with one important difference: I am no longer looking for those pointers because I found them…in your piece.

Should I bother including an objective? Thank for a very informative yet entertaining article about building a resume for a job seeker like myself. Your content has really helped me to write a stunning resume for myself and i feel myself standing out different from a crowd. I spent almost a month on continuously improving it and it turn out to be great compared to my old boring bad looking resume.