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Well, based on his experience in the industry, David has got it down to a science. In Phorest FM episode 72 , he describes the formula in detail. While you want your salon to be profitable, increasing prices for profitability is the last message you want to convey to your happy and loyal customers.

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For instance, you could offer gift wrapping for your retail products or possibly re-evaluate the TreatCard points attributed to your product and services affected by the price increase. Negative reviews and complaints left online can quickly get out of hand, inherently hurting your overall online reputation.

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Communicate your changes internally, and make sure your staff members have the same explanations to the questions you might get from clients. Next step, the general announcement. This works exceptionally well for retail products in your salon or spa. By creating different-sized or additional packages, you can make your old packs seems like a bargain, even at the new price. I came upon this quote the other day and thought it was worth sharing as it sums up this whole point: Robert Cialdini, in his book Influence , illustrates the importance of explaining your actions to customers.

In his example, he asks you to imagine a woman in line at a copy machine. Why not celebrate your stylists and therapists achievements and experience? Make it a time to say congrats — to your staff — and thank you — to your clients. Sarah Schupp , from UniversityParent, explains: People will be drawn to compare your new salon or spa packages prices and find the one they feel offers the most value for their needs. Another option is to give your clients an opportunity to purchase or redeem products and services at the old rate for a limited time only — time you need to define.

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As a salon owner you can offer both. In particular if you or your salon has a strong social media following. The production model is an old model that has been around for centuries.

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This is when a business creates value by manufacturing and selling finished goods. Today this is much easier with many 3rd party manufacturers available to offer white label, ready made products, and hence more salons are entering into this space. You can also launch digital products — like online trainings or eBooks. The possibilities are endless. The markup model is when you buy products from a manufacturer, add your markup to them, and sell them on to the consumer.

You can choose to retail additional brand that are complementary to what you already have or you can start selling the brands in a new channel.

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Talking about new channels.. The fastest growing channel right now is e-commerce. You can either see this as a threat taking away retail sales from you. Or you see it as an opportunity for you to grow your salon.

The e-commerce revenue model encompass all of the other revenue models. With the right salon software you can for example also sell your services online. But on top of this you can also revisit what you offer in the salon. You need to move from selling a commodity to offer a complete service that deliver on the end value your clients wants. Further, you should look to the complete client experience your salon deliver. All the way from their first experience with you when booking online see best salon appointment softwares here to the experience during their appointment.

This goes beyond the service you deliver to the ambience of the salon as well as complementary offerings that increase the value of their appointment. Could your salon be combined with a wine bar? Or could you offer snacks, meditation experience, or other services as part of the salon visit. When you start looking at what you offer your clients as a complete experience vs. I hope you now feel equipped with the theory behind salon revenue models and that the examples from other industries have already sparked some ideas for how you can find new revenue stream to grow your salon business.

The best way to get started is to join my free course where I share practical salon marketing and business ideas to help you find a leverage new income streams to your salon. I write to help salon owners like you grow your business. Thus, if you found the article helpful, it would mean the world to me if you wanted to share it with your like minded friends using the social buttons available on the page.

If you have any questions or further ideas, drop a comment in the box below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A series of ultra short e-mails with simple, actionable, salon business tips. Unsubscribe at any time.. Limited time offer. Only at The Salon Business. Here's what you get when you sign up for Versum at The Salon Business today:. Most major hair color marketers now sell refreshers in shades that complement their permanent color lines.

Leading U. Popular lowlights in eggplant, mahogany or burgundy look fresh when achieved with new brunette, red and pure-gloss shades in permanent and demipermanent products. Softer, natural-looking colors with strategically placed highlights, duo-lights and lowlights remain the backbone of color practice in most major metro salons. A new generation of lifters designed to lighten dark shades without exposing warmth are popular dimensionalizers for Hispanic and Asian clients.

African-American clients favor chunky highlights over a dark base, achieved with highlift permanents or lighteners with tone to reach a burnished gold. The monochromatic look, which is actually a tone-on-tone color combination of two or three shades using demi- or semipermanent color, has resurfaced as an important trend to complement the new bobs. The new lighteners that feature tonality have strengthened dimensional blonding, still the highest-profit service in the salon.

Growing your salon’s revenue

Manufacturers are particularly interested in extending this technology, with more sophisticated products due for launch later this year. Among all the good news, there is one caution. Clients resist making salon visits for hair color services every four to six weeks, turning toward retail touch-up kits, color refreshers, etc.

The trend is particularly marked among gray coverage clients who, as they age, require more frequent visits. Despite this, hair color remains one of the most vital and burgeoning growth categories in the U. Hair color services push the sales of shampoos, conditioners, styling and other specialty products at salons, mega salon stores and beauty stores. By itself, hair color is keeping the salon industry in a growth mode, looking as beautiful as freshly colored hair. To help you prepare your strongest technology toolbox, this webinar invited five successful salon owners to share and discuss their favorite tools to grow their businesses in a challenging, ever-changing landscape.

The drugstore vs. Ammon Carver, Chief Artistic Director for Ulta Beauty, paired with Cosmetologists Chicago to teach stylists how photo-shoot-ready hair can change the salon space. Find like-minded people and have fun collaborating! Everything you try will either work out great or turn out to be an amazing learning experience! Going into business for yourself in a salon suite for the first time is an exciting step in a professional beauty career. It can also be a little scary to think about working alone, without a boss or manager to turn to for help.

But guess what?