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One theory for this is that the muscles in the body react to some electromagnetic effect caused by the presence of the metal or the water flowing through the pipe; the rods then amplify this effect so that the searcher becomes aware of them. Another theory is that some diviners know from their experience and local knowledge where groundwater is likely to be located and subconsciously cause the reaction. Whether or not divining actually works is a matter of debate. Even if the electromagnetic theory works for pipes, there is no reason why it should detect the slow, diffuse movement of groundwater.

Is the water in my tap groundwater? Stream Affected by Groundwater Pumping. Improper discharge to ground.

Divination with water, by Cassandra Eason

Does divining actually work? Print this Page. There was a sacred lake near the temple of Venus , at Aphara , where rejected offerings floated even though they were made of the heaviest metals, such as gold and silver. The year before the fall of their city, all the offerings of the Palmyreans sank as usual, but strange to tell, they all rose to the surface again, which prodigy was considered an indubitable warning of its downfall.


The Pool of Bethesda , a pool of consecrated water mentioned in the Gospel of John and recently unearthed in the Muslin quarter of Jerusalem , was supposedly used by Hydromancers to prognosticate remedies and wellbeing resolutions for the inquirer's health afflictions. Rimualdus in his Consilia in causis gravissimis , describes a method of finding a thief which consisted of lighting a consecrated white candle and placing it on an altar next to a basin filled with water.

A virgin would then read aloud the following verse, which had to be written in consecrated paper:. According to the narrative, the water would instantly reflect a diminutive picture of the thief, as though it were a mirror with the thief standing in front of it.

Cosmology ; Enroll Today! Hydromancy was seriously employed in Ireland to detect thieves, but in a different manner. The names of the suspects were written on slips of paper and thrown into a basin of Holy water where, by the way they floated, culpability was ascertained. Usually the first paper that floated back to the bank indicated the guilty party. Metaphysics ; Enroll Today!

Our modern "tea leaf" and "coffee ground" psychic readings date from this ancient method of divination. Psychic Powers ; Enroll Today! Further info: -- Divination. Google Search: Web Occultopedia. Helpful Hints Get the answers you need to survive Database coverage includes cell, residential, business, pager, toll-free, and unlisted numbers.

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