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I know this is an older article. I wanted to thank you for it and all the comments. They are very helpful and reassuring. I range between 60 mg clear down 2. I have put on 30 pounds this last year. I am trying to be kind to myself and stay positive.

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As summer is coming I have dread, none of my summer clothes come close to fitting me and my body is out of shape, swollen and mushy. I have no confidence to show any part of my skin. I pray for rain and days in long shirts and hoodies. There is good in my journey too. I am kinder and have less judgment of others. I am stronger in my faith. I love my children, husband and my family more! My love for them help me accept the things I cannot change. I know my road could be worse. It is helpful to read this and know I am not just shallow in missing my old body, but the loss is real. I am working to accept my new road and my new body, I am not giving up on being at a healthy weight, but understanding my body is different now.

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This year as been terrible for me for constant flair ups of my asthma, as a result back to back steroids all year which as as result caused me to gain a lot of weight especially a moon face. How can I lose this extra time weight. I am with you there. I am now so paranoid about my asthma going out of control! I try to work out to get this weight off, but my lung capacity just tires me out.

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  7. Hi, Alina, Please read through this article carefully and all of the comments and replies. Prednisone has a long half-life, which in pharmaceutical terms means it stays in your body for a long time before it is completely metabolized and out of you system. The good news: sounds like you are OFF prednisone now! Hi I have only just started taking prednisone 40ml for inflemation, I am 46 years old and am already over weight!!! What could happen if I reduce the dose to 20ml?

    Could you also tell me if taking water retention tablets will help?

    The Rise & Fall of Weight Gain On Prednisone

    Do not reduce the dosage of your prescription for prednisone on your own! Do not mess with that without talking with your prescribing physician! Seriously, I am not messing around here. Prednisone has to be carefully weaned off. Again that is a good question for your medical professionals. Another possible way to reduce fluid retention is to cut salt out of your diet as much as possible and, ironically, drink a lot of water. But again, ask your medical team first. Thank you for this article. I have polymyalgia and am on prednisone, and have been for 8 months. I look like I have swallowed a balloon, and my stomach is so distended as well as my cheekbones.

    I am five foot one. Soon I shall be like a walking pudding, unless my efforts at curbing the appetite works. I hope to survive without more complications. Keep up the good work everyone. I heard today of someone who is off prednisone and is now far too thin!! Is there such a thing as far too thin??? I hope you are feeling better, Barbara. What we tend to forget is that underneath the water and fat retention that prednisone causes, is muscle and bone. Keeping up even your gentle exercise routine will help keep you from going there. Just found this, I have ulcerative colitis and the past 3 yrs have been hell.

    Been on all kinds of med, infusions, now on humira, petrified to gain weight it is putting my stress on me. I am on low residue diet which includes only white carbs. Veg, fruits not allowed now. Wants to put me on On 40 mg prednisone and ween me off every week. Some one please help me. Would love your thoughts. My email is judy yahoo. How are you doing, Judy?

    I have UC, too. A terrible experience with prednisone brought me to this article in an attempt to be prepared in case my UC decided to attack before my wedding.

    I have been on prednisone mg QOD for a kidney disorder since May. I am finally starting to taper down. The pain from the weight gain is hindering from exercising.

    How I lost the baby weight - Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall

    Any suggestions? I keep searching for things about weight loss on prednisone. I have arthritis at 16! I had lost 10 pounds from the arthritis and then gained over 20 pounds once on the meds. I probably weigh more now, I have the moon face and I hate it! All I read is that losing the prednisone weight is impossible and people barely lose anything once they get off.

    FAT LOSS 101 FOR MEN (Chest Fat, Belly, Love Handles!)

    Did anyone start off at 30mg and then lose the weight once they started slowly coming off? Any pointers? And so true. So often the best I could do when on prednisone was keep the the weight gain at a trot instead of full on gallop! It always took much longer to lose the weight than it did to gain it. Totally not fair!

    For weight, health, all-day energy and so much more..