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Welcome to the 23rd Annual Self-Transcendence Mile Race. . Conceived of as both a physical and spiritual journey, the race allows athletes to test.

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An Infrared IR sensitive camcorder should be accompanied by an IR light source which is essentially a light that gives off only Infrared light. A Full Spectrum camera should be accompanied by a special Full Spectrum light source. Some people will use a bright white light source with a Full Spectrum camera.

The downside to that is lighting up the whole room while you're investigating. This can be distracting to everyone in the investigation group. No white or clear light are emitted from them helping maintain a low light room while investigating. Ever received reports of footsteps or shadow people?

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It's relatively common. Motion sensors are a good way to detect movement. A motion sensor detects movement within a given range ahead of it and alerts you to the occurance through an audio or visual alert. Suggested Motion Detectors:. Geophone Motion Sensor - This ultra-sensitive Geophone circuit 'listens' to vibrations in the ground.

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The LEDs with light up the moment any vibration or movement is detected. The closer it gets, the higher the LED reading. One theory in paranormal investigations is that entities can manipulate temperature when attempting to manifest themselves or interact with us. You may find cold or warm spots in a room where no cause in apparent.

This may be indicative of something trying to make contact. To detect these anomalies, you will need a thermometer and a little common sense. If you find a cold spot, for instance, look for any possible source of the cooler temperature. Look for open vents, windows and fans as possible sources. Move the thermometer in every direction to find where the area starts and ends. If the anomaly is relatively concentrated in on area with no attachments to possible sources, you may have something attempting to manifest.

The biggest mistake people make with thermometers, however, is using the wrong type. Here are the two main types of thermometers:. A probe thermometer includes a small metal rod or 'bullet' used to detect ambient temperature air surrounding the device. This means you are detecting area around you looking for 'pockets' or abnormal temperature. This ambient temperature is what you need to detect temperature changes directly around the sensor. Either set it down or move it around to find changes in temperature.

These devices read infrared radiation from whatever surface it is 'looking' at. This could be from across the room. Most include a red laser light so that you can see where the device is pointing. For this purpose, lets say you're pointing it at a wall directly across the room from you.

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The laser, itself, has nothing to do with the actual reading. It just allows us to get a better gauge of where we're pointing it. The signature takes the temperature of the surface area and reports back to the device. What you are doing is taking the temperature of the wall across the room - NOT the temperature around you.

This serves little or no purpose in detecting cold spots. However, this is effective for detecting potential sources or abnormal temperature. For instance, if you notice a temperature change in the room you are in, you'll want to find a source of that. Point the infrared thermometer at every vent and window to see if colder air is coming through. Don't get confused! So although you may think it's a probe thermometer it may not be.

Make sure to read the descriptions on the device before purchasing. Your best bet for usage in paranormal investigations is to get an infrared thermometer that ALSO includes a probe usually called a K probe. BooBuddy is like having an entire kit of ghost hunting gear put together in a trigger object - a cute one. BooBuddy detections EMF, temperature and movement changes then response. Yes, it talks.

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BooBuddy will respond in a child-like voice to indicate change in the environment such as, "Brr, it's cold in here. What happens to us after we pass? Ghost Hunting vs. Ghost Hunting Generally speaking, Ghost hunting refers to the action of setting out to find proof of afterlife-based paranormal activity.

Paranormal Investigation A paranormal investigation, however, is performed by a team who sets out to collect evidence to prove or disprove claims or suggestions of paranormal activity.

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  • Learn as much as you can about the location your are going to be investigating Research the history of the location including possible catastrophies Interview the client and people who are involved with the location including residents, employees, owners - whomever might have knowledge of potential activity for the sake of the client's confidentiality, get their permission before contacting others Know your team - know their strengths and weeknesses Required Ghost Hunting Gear For safety and proper documentation I suggest having at the very least the following items on each person for every investigation.

    Audio Recorder - An audio recorder is a must-have for any investigation - particularly on a client investigation. This is primarily to document the entire investigation as well as protecting yourself and your team in the event the client makes claims later that you said or did something you did not. Having an audio documentation of the entire proceedings should protect you in this event. See more information on types of audio recorders below. I like to call out the time to my audio recorder called 'tagging' every 20 minutes or so. This is helpful when later reviewing the evidence.

    Flashlight - A must-have for any investigation, particularly at night and in darkened areas. Lots of Batteries - Because most equipment utilized during an investigation is portable and requires batteries, make sure to have a stockpile on hand of every type yoy may need. Notebook and Pen - This is particularly helpful when interviewing clients, jotting down areas of interest on an initial walkthrough and documenting activity as it occurs.

    A Watch - A watch is required to 'tag' your audio recorder and to note the time throughout the investigation. One with a backlight is particularly helpful. There are two main types of audio recorders including: Digital Audio Recorder Digital audio recorder, a more recent technology, uses an internal hard drive to record audio. This gives you the ability to record many hours depending on the size of the internal drive.

    They are typically very small and include a manner in which to plug the device into your home computer to retrieve the audio data - typically via a USB connection. Most recorders will also allow you to separate out audio into folders making it easier to note which segment is for what.

    Most digital audio recorders require a separate USB cable. There are, however, models that plug right into your computer via USB without the need for a cable. I prefer this route as I am prone to losing things and I have enough random cables as it is.

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    I don't need another one. These units I suggest as they do not require a separate cable. Tape Recorder Tape, recorders, unlike digital audio recorders utilize an analog tape to record. Some stand by this older technology claiming it records in a more natural environment.

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    I, for one, prefer the ease of use and efficiency of the digital. In addition, because of the moving gears used in tape recorders, they tend to pick up sounds generated internally by the device. This can be detrimental to your evidence collecting. That aside, you can generally follow these basic steps: Plug your digital audio recorder into any available USB slot. If you're not sure what that is, basically plug it in anywhere it will fit. Macs and most PCs with Windows , XP or Vista will automatically detect the device Find your device and where the audio files are located.

    MAC : Open your Finder.

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    You should see a mounted drive in the top left corner indicating the device. Double click the file to listen. You should see a mounted drive somewhere indicating the device. SoundForge : This is my favorite application for advanced audio tasks. Adobe Soundbooth : The standard Adobe suite for production editing. Works seamlessly with Adobe Premier for integration with video and Flash. Cameras One of the basic function tools of every investigation is a camera. Digital Cameras Digital cameras are, of course, the easiest to use.

    Because you can transfer high quality photos directly from a digital camera right to your computer it saves time and money in having to process film. The drawback, however, is that many are not as flexible with their settings and have in many cases and long lag period when taking photos.