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Loveless and Tackett returned to Tackett's house just before daybreak to clean up again.

Rippey asked about Sharer, and Tackett laughingly described the torture. The conversation woke up Tackett's mother, who yelled at her daughter for being out late and bringing home the girls, so Tackett agreed to take them home. She drove to the burn pile, where they opened the trunk to stare at Sharer.

Lawrence refused. Rippey sprayed Sharer with Windex and taunted, "You're not looking so hot now, are you? The girls drove to a gas station near Madison Consolidated High School , pumped some gasoline into the car, and bought a two-liter bottle of Pepsi.

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Tackett poured out the Pepsi and refilled the bottle with gasoline. Route , a place known to Rippey. Lawrence remained in the car while Tackett and Rippey wrapped Sharer, who was still alive, in a blanket, and carried her to a field by the gravel country road. Tackett made Rippey pour the gasoline on Sharer, and then they set her on fire. Loveless was not convinced Sharer was dead, so they returned a few minutes later to pour the rest of the gasoline on her.

Lawrence then phoned a friend and told her about the murder. Tackett then dropped off Lawrence and Rippey at their homes and finally returned to her own home with Loveless. She told Heavrin that they had killed Sharer and arranged to pick up Heavrin later that day. A friend of Loveless', Crystal Wathen, came over to Loveless' house, and they told her what had happened. Then, the three girls drove to pick up Heavrin and bring her back to Loveless' house, where they told Heavrin the story.

Both Heavrin and Wathen were reluctant to believe the story until Tackett showed them the trunk of the car with Sharer's bloody handprints and socks still present. Heavrin was horrified and asked to be taken home. When they pulled up in front of her house, Loveless kissed Heavrin, told her she loved her, and pleaded with her not to tell anyone.

Heavrin promised she would not before entering her house.

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Later on the morning of January 11, , two brothers from Canaan were driving toward Jefferson Proving Ground to go hunting when they noticed a body on the side of the road. David Camm , who was later acquitted of his own family's murders, was one of the responding officers. They initially suspected a drug deal gone wrong and did not believe the crime had been committed by locals. Sharer's father Steven noticed his daughter was nowhere to be found early on January They both gave very rambling statements, identifying the victim as "Shanda", naming the two other girls involved as best as they could, and describing the main events of the previous night.

Shippley contacted the Clark County sheriff and was finally able to match the body to Sharer's missing person report. Detectives obtained dental records that positively identified Sharer as the victim. The bulk of the evidence for the arrest warrant was Lawrence's and Rippey's statements. The prosecution immediately declared its intention to try both Loveless and Tackett as adults. For several months, the prosecutors and defense attorneys did not release any information about the case, giving the news media only the statements by Lawrence and Rippey.

All four girls were charged as adults. To avoid the death penalty , the girls accepted plea bargains. All four girls had troubled backgrounds, with claims of physical or sexual abuse committed by a parent or other adult. Lawrence, Rippey, and Tackett all had histories of self-harming behavior. Tackett was released in , and is serving probation for one year since her release. Loveless was released in September On appeal , a judge reduced the sentence to thirty-five years.

In exchange for her cooperation, Lawrence was allowed to plead guilty to one count of criminal confinement and was sentenced to a maximum of twenty years. In October , Loveless' attorney , Mark Small, requested a hearing to argue for his client's release. He said that Loveless had been "profoundly retarded" by childhood abuse.

Moreover, she had not been represented competently by counsel during her sentencing, which caused her to accept a plea bargain in the face of exaggerated claims about her chances of receiving the death penalty. Small also argued that Loveless, who was 16 years old when she signed the plea agreement, was too young to enter into a contract in the state of Indiana without consent from a parent or guardian , which had not been obtained.

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If the judge accepted these arguments, Loveless could have been retried or released outright. Instead, Loveless would be eligible for parole in fifteen years, thus maintaining the original guilty plea. Small stated that he would seek to have jurisdiction over the case moved to the Supreme Court of Indiana. Lawrence was released on December 14, , after serving nine years. She remained on parole until December On April 28, , Rippey was released from Indiana Women's Prison on parole after serving fourteen years of her original sentence.

She remained on supervised parole for five years until April Tackett was released from Rockville Correctional Facility on January 11, , the 26th anniversary of Sharer's death, after serving nearly twenty-six years, and has completed an additional year of parole. Loveless was released from Indiana Women's Prison on September 5, During Loveless' sentencing hearing , extensive open court testimony revealed that her father Larry had abused his wife, his daughters, and other children.

The laughing corpse

Consequently, he was arrested in February on charges of rape, sodomy , and sexual battery. Most of the crimes occurred from to Larry remained in prison for over two years awaiting trial; however, a judge eventually ruled that all charges except one count of sexual battery had to be dropped due to the statute of limitations , which was five years in Indiana. Loveless pleaded guilty to the one count of sexual battery. He received a sentence of time served and was released in June Among his complaints were that he was not allowed to sleep in his bed during the day or to read the newspaper.

Sharer's father, Steven Sharer, died of alcoholism in at the age of In an interview with Shanda Sharer's mother, Jacque Vaught, on the Investigation Discovery series Deadly Women , Vaught stated that Sharer's father was so destroyed by his daughter's murder that he "did everything he could to kill himself besides put a gun to his head" and that he "drank himself to death.

The man definitely died from a broken heart ". The fund planned to provide scholarships to two students per year from Prosser School of Technology in New Albany; one scholarship will go to a student who is continuing his or her education, and the other scholarship will go to a student who is beginning his or her career and must buy tools or other work equipment. In , Sharer's mother, Jacque Vaught, made her first contact with Melinda Loveless since the trials, although indirectly. Loveless has trained dogs for the program for several years.

Vaught reported that she has endured criticism over the decision, but defends it saying, "It's my choice to make. She's Shanda my child. If you don't let good things come from bad things, nothing gets better. And I know what my child would want. My child would want this. This film also has Loveless' first three interviews ever given.

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The story was turned into a play by Rob Urbinati called Hazelwood Jr. The Cold Case second-season episode "The Sleepover" is loosely based on this crime. In , Dr. Phil aired a two-part series on the crime, which featured Shanda Sharer's mother and sister Paige, who both harshly confronted Hope Rippey on the show, and an interview with Amanda Heavrin. The murder of Sharer was covered in the first of two segments in the Lifetime series Killer Kids , episode "Jealousy", aired: July American artist Marlene McCarty used the Shanda Sharer murder as one of the subjects for her Murder Girls series of drawings about teenage female murderers, their sexuality and their relationships.

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